2017 Rapid Downrush League

flicdisc is proud to announce a new PDGA sanctioned league will be run for Skulls Disc Golf Brotherhood beginning 9:00am Sunday May 7th at Wheeler Park in Geneva, IL.

All club members and all other interested players should be prepared to bring $25 to the first Sunday, or make other arrangements. Here are further details.

Skulls Disc Golf Brotherhood welcomes you to the Rapid Downrush League. This is a sanctioned PDGA League. All Brothers who chose to participate will attend our regular Sunday morning “mass”, and keep official scoring of each round played. These scores will be submitted to the PDGA to be rated and displayed on pdga.com.

Six events over ten consecutive weeks, and culminating in the Championship Round, the top three (3) winners will receive cash awards. Additionally, ALL players will receive “club items” such as, tags, minis, shirts, a disc or other items (to be decided by the group).

An awards ceremony and gathering will be held following the Championship Round. Location TBD.

Tentative Schedule:
  • Wheeler May 7th
  • Lippold May 14th
  • The Meadows May 21st
  • West Chicago June 4th
  • Palatine June 18th
  • Highland Park (Championship Round) June 25th

Cost $25 – Due by Sunday May 7th:

  • $4.16 per Sunday ($25 collected upfront)
    • $0.75 will go to pay for the PDGA Player fee ($0.50) and sanctioning/administration ($0.25)
    • $1.58 will go towards Cash Pool paid-out to winners
    • $1.83 will go towards 2017 Skulls T-Shirts
  • A proper accounting of all dues collected and fees paid will be available on the Skulls facebook page
  • Skulls “club items” will be distributed towards the middle of the league

  • Cash Prizes
    • 1st 47% of Cash Pool
    • 2nd 30% of Cash Pool
    • 3rd 23% of Cash Pool
  • All players will receive “club items”
  • CTPs and optional Ace Pot will be announced on each Sunday

League Scoring Formula – Highest Player Points Wins:
  • Player Points = (Sum Of Player League Round Ratings Less Skulls Player Rating For Each The First 5 Sundays Excluding The Two Worst Sundays) + (Championship Round Rating Less Skulls Player Rating)
  • Players who miss the Championship Round will receive -100 point penalty.
  • Players will receive a -100 point penalty for each round missed in the first five rounds, excluding the first two missed rounds.
  • Skulls Player Ratings are the average of all past league rated rounds within the last 12 months.
  • PDGA ratings will be substituted for players who don't have a Skulls Player Rating.
  • Players who don't have either a Skulls or PDGA rating will establish a Skulls Rating upon completion of the first sanctioned league round.
  • Both Skulls and PDGA Ratings updates will effect the points formula on a go-forward basis.

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