Monday, December 8, 2014

Poll: who is your favorite pro player?

flicdisc is interested in your opinion. We've added a survey to the navigation menu. Please click a radio button and tell us: who is your favorite pro player?

Will Schusterick #29064
Paul McBeth #27523
David Feldberg #12626
Nathan Doss #11794
Paul Ulibarri #27171
Richard Wysocki #38008
Steven Rico #4666
Simon Lizotte #8332
Jeremy Koling #33705
JohnE McCray #9852


  1. A little shocked to not see Eric McCabe on this list. He is the 2010 Pro Worlds Champion and has done amazing work to help spread the word of Disc Golf.

    1. Good point Bobby. I gladly accept your write-in vote for EMAC.