Friday, December 26, 2014

Infinite Discs plans for some new releases in early 2015

Included in their "Winter 2014 Recap & Gift Card Guide", published December 23, 2014, online disc golf retailer Infinite Discs announced a number of new molds for 2015. Calling it a, "sneak peak", Infinite listed from MVP and Axiom: the Fireball, Wrath (not to be confused with the Innova Wraith), Insanity, and Virus. Additionally, Electron Atom was described as, "MVP's new baseline plastic, with excellent feel, and an attractive price." From Discmania, the CD2, further described as C-Line and G-Line, as well as the PX1 Beaded Putter. Finally, Infinite detailed an exclusive release from Discraft; a Titanium Flick, said to be available in January.

Also of note, was Kirk of Infinite Discs firing back at the recent poor reporting of Bloomberg's Business Week, saying that, "disc golf is not 'expired' it's booming."

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