Monday, December 22, 2014

Reptilian debuts Scale putter with ultra-thin flight plate and innovative thumb track

The following details my conversation with Jamie Cassidy from Reptilian Disc Golf on, among other topics, their new mold and first run.

"It started with a basement idea three years ago", said RDG's co-founder. He went on, "The goal is to make the biggest dent we can, not to make money." The St Louis-based disc seller now has approval from the PDGA, and is bringing to market an impressive and innovative putter design. Scale, the new disc is called, features an extremely thin and flat flight plate, plus unique thumb track. When asked what the most exciting part of 2014 was for Jamie, "Making our own mold", was his first and only response. He is excited to get this design in players hands.

With Gateway Disc Sports as their production partner, RDG plans to use the top design for the Scale, which is currently molded to a Gateway Wizard rim in its initial run, and will eventually match it with the Warlock, Voodoo, and Magic rims for a complete lineup of beaded and non-beaded putters.

The process of creating the Scale, Jamie explains, began by sitting down with experts in computer aided design. "They had it dialed-in within two days", he said. Followed by a $2 thousand investment to buy and cut the steel for the mold. "We just went for it, and we are really happy with the results", he adds. The final product might be the thinnest flight plate on the market, and with real stability according to Jaime.

Reminiscent of a sleek version of an Innova Rhyno, close to a Westside Harp's profile, Scale is produced in proprietary plastic blend that Gateway mixes for RDG. They differ from Gateway's offering, and targets a medium-soft and grippy feel. In the future, Jamie detailed their effort to produce their Fossil Line of plastic. A blend intended to mimic the flight and feel of 11x KC Pro from Innova, and will only be available in white.

You might be able to see the Scale in PDGA competition this year. Reptilian sponsors St Charles, Missouri native Chris Gore (33041).

In addition to producing the Scale putter, RDG markets and auctions many unique stamped designs from Gateway, Trilogy brands, and other manufacturers.

For more information on Reptilian Disc Golf, you can view or follow them on instagram @reptiliandiscgolf.

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