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PDGA Action Heading Into Final Rounds - Jan 24th to 25th UPDATED FINAL RESULTS

The pro field is split across multiple continents this week, with many elite players heading to Australia for next weeks Major tournament, the 2015 Aussie Open. The following is our mid-weekend roundup of the results going into Sunday's final rounds.

UPDATED January 25, 2015

At Spike Hyzer's: New Year Ripper IV; Lowlands Conf. #1 in New Bern, NC, Brian Schweberger (12989) is in the lead, shooting a 1023 rated -16 first day. Brian is followed by Jonathan Mills (26582) and Barrett Johnson (51531) who are within two shots of first place. Noted veteran Scott Stokely (3140), who is returning for his first full professional season in many years, remains in the hunt at seven throws behind "Schwebe", and in fifth place currently.

Final Results
Brian Schweberger -31
Barrett Johnson -27
Nathan Queen -25
Nate Wegryn -23

Appling, GA hosted the IDGC Ice Bowl where Matt Dollar (26045) beat Dustin Perry (36224) by four shots and Dillon Meadows (66219) by seven, finishing -19. His 1035 rated play also topped Kevin McCoy (9453) who finished 6th. The $160 first place prize will put a few more dollars in Dollar Sac.

Final Results
Matt Dollar -19
Dustin Perry -15
Dillon Meadows -12
Josh Childs -10
Jeffrey Bryk -10

At the Snow Blown Open 7 in New London, WI, hosted by Terry The Disc Golf Guy Miller, Matt Parker (36643) bested Scotty Too Hotty Burtard (17948). After both players finished tied at -21, Tournament Director and 6th place finisher Terry The Disc Golf Guy Miller must have awarded first place to the player with the shortest name.

Final Results
Matt Parker -21
Scotty Too Hotty Burtard -21
Ryan Conto -20
Chris Heeren -19

In the Pacific Outfitters Open in McKinleyville, CA, Dustin Keegan (35187) and Lewis Bitney (51242) are both tied for first at -10, having shot a 1016 rated first round.

Final Results
Peter McBride -16
Lewis Bitney -15
Dustin Keegan  -14
Danny Kerfeld -12

At the 14th Annual SW Florida Open in Port Charlotte, FL, JohnE McCray (9852) sits comfortably two shots off the lead at -3. Jeff Vandermark (26326) is currently leading the top card at -5 after the first two rounds. At -4 is Bryan Moore (18790) who started with the hot first round of 57 and finished the day throwing 59.

Final Results
Jeff Vandemark -5
Bryan Moore -4
JohnE McCray -3
Nicholas Long -1

Tier-C action at the Auburn Ice Bowl in Auburn, WA, featured Jason Carr (51083) and Chris Waugh (25269). Chris won the event, beating Jason by three strokes after shooting a final round 46, unofficially rated 1017.

Final Results
Chris Waugh -15
Jason Carr -12
Zac Ruziska -11
Nick Wood -11

No results yet from the Knoxville Ice Bowl in Knoxville, TN, where Will Schusterick likely snapped Zach Melton with his amazing rubber band arms.

Final Results
Will Schusterick -19
Chris Dickerson -18
Zach Melton -16
Logan Bowers -15
Weston Isaacs -15

Simon Lazotte (8332) won the Aussie Open Warm Up, throwing two rounds of 60 each and finishing +6, three strokes over Martin Doerken (48377) and four over Dave Feldberg (12626) and Paul McBeth (27523). Awards may have included a kangaroo sized Towch and a six inch knife.

Final Results
Simon Lizotte -5
Martin Doerken -2
David Feldberg -1
Paul McBeth -1

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