Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prodiscus' Kai Vesa Briefly Describes 2015 US Strategy... Continued

This is a follow-up to the January 13, 2015 flicdisc article titled Prodiscus' Kai Vesa Briefly Describes 2015 US Strategy. The following details my brief email exchange with Kai Vesa (26442) of Finnish disc golf manufacturer Prodiscus.

Can you tell me about your role in the company?

Kai, "I own and work alone at Prodiscus."

How would you characterize 2014, and what are your goals for 2015?

Kai, "It was a year of growing like the year before. Tried to be seen at more at tournaments and therefore sponsored many here in Europe. 2015 I’m focusing more on the USA and one team player will be touring in USA to make Prodiscus more known there. Maybe getting few new team players from USA also."

Are you planning to introduce any new molds in early 2015?

Kai, "I have some new drivers coming this year. One was already sent to pdga."

Have you considered partnering with a US distributor, or employing someone in the US as a national sales representative?

Kai, "Discnation is one distributor there but I’m open for others to join too. Maybe one from another coast. Sales person is not a bad idea either."

Can you share the feedback you're getting from players regarding your plastic blends?

Kai, "I have got only good feedback so far. My plastic is more durable and a bit softer that other premium plastics haven’t heard any disc broken yet. Even in cold winter. With basic plastic I had problems with those getting bumble easily but now that plastic is changed to little more harder."

How did you develop the Jokeri?

Kai, "That was one of my first designs. I was trying to make putter between omega and pure, the discs that I liked that time. But because I use different kind of plastic, I needed to add some more plastic into the rim to get it full weight. It became Jokeri. Kind of mistake and I got lucky :)."

Has it been difficult to get your product in the hands of players?

Kai, "Kind of hard… Everyone who tested has loved those from beginning. More difficult is to get players to try them."

What are the differences in selling discs in Scandinavia versus the US?

Kai, "Here everybody knows my discs already so I don’t need to market anymore. In US only few knows my discs but everybody knows my bags."

How do you feel about the state of the sport generally, and also specifically in Europe?

Kai, "I think this sport is only growing in Finland and Sweden. Mostly because what Jussi does. Sure there are more players in tournaments every year but tournaments are still same. Like the biggest tournament USDGC that I think should be only for Open and Women Pro players."

Who's your favorite pro player to watch in competition?

Kai, "I like to watch players who behave on the course Nate Doss is good example. Sure all top cards and ladies are nice to watch."

Good stuff. If we gather any more Q and A from Kai Vesa, I'll publish another follow-up.

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