Monday, February 9, 2015

Dynamic Discs Announces Floating "Drift" Plastic Blend

Today in a Youtube video, Emporia, Kansas disc golf manufacturer Dynamic Discs announced the release of a new plastic blend dubbed, "Drift". No surprises to be found in the video, I'm sad to report. Discs made out of Drift plastic are designed to float. Although the video isn't explicit, that's what one is meant to assume.

In the water? We've all been there, with terrible throw resulting in our disc sunken beneath algae infested stagnant murk and muck. Great, "I've got to go in there and get it back," you think to yourself. Without much difficulty, the video conjures that context within the viewer. No need for details of any kind. None were included. No first run molds announced. No release date. The announcement is just meant to wet your beak, so to speak.

Accompanied by what sounds to be a lazy guitar progression backed by a keyboard, the disc in the video slowly floats across the screen, like Huckleberry Finn's raft. The waves of the water surrounding the disc seems reminiscent of your local course hazard, be it pond or stream. Truthfully, I would have preferred something a kin to, "ding ding ning ning ning ning ning ning ning." You know. A banjo. Deliverance. Also, I would have expected a name like Alcatraz Escape (I'll take my cut Jeremy Rusco), given Dynamic's proclivity for criminal justice thematic elements. But I got it.

Other disc manufactures have offered floating discs. DGA has the Steady Ed series. They reportedly all float, but I've never seen them in action. Innova has the Dragon and discontinued Hydra. Lightning #2 will not sink, despite landing in the water many many times. If you are that worried about it, you could dawn the Quest Double D or Ultra-light Raging Inferno DT; both will float. All Odyssey discs are said to float. And don't forget an Aerobie. I tried to drown mine, but it just kept coming back again and again.

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