Sunday, February 22, 2015

Review: Legacy Bandit Icon Edition

The following details my first experiences throwing the Bandit fairway driver from Legacy Discs.

The temperature couldn't have been over 15 degrees, with a slight 10 mph breeze from left to right, mostly in my face. Snow covered the green with six inches of partially melted, then refrozen top ice. You know, the surface could either grab like disc like a winter tombstone, or let it skip-slide past the landing zone. So the best approach is to be on target and hope it sits down. The hole, #4 at the Links at Wheeler Park in Geneva, IL plays 270 with an anhyzer line into a low ceiling tree-protected pin. I decide the Bandit at 9,5,-2,1 can hold the line without crashing and provide a soft landing. I start my steps, avoiding the perpetual ice puddle that always occupies this partially sunken rubber tee, and plant my right foot in the front-left corner of the pad. As the disc crosses my torso for a flat release, I'm confident the turnover matches the anticipated line. With an unremarkable snap, the Bandit flies left to right into the wind, curls with 10 ft of final fade as it slows, finishing under the maple trees in front of the basket, just within the circle. I've done worse in better weather.

The disc, bright green like spring leaves, weighs-in at 175g and is molded with Legacy's Icon plastic. Feeling similar to Innova's Star line, I had no trouble with grip despite being relatively smooth and stiff. It's rim looks around 1 1/2 cm wide and has an almost bead-like sharp curvature. If Dynamic Discs makes a Witness in Bio Fuzion, it may feel like the Bandit after three months of play. But in true Legacy Discs style, the Bandit flies far and straight. I'll have no problem teeing many control shots with this disc. And I do expect they will finish left, without any risk of a cut roller turnover. It's staying in my bag.

Infinite Discs says about the Bandit, "an excellent straight flying driver that will provide more distance than the Rival, but doesn’t require as much arm speed as the Cannon or Rampage. Experienced disc golfers will get great distance out of the Bandit when thrown at a slight hyzer angle, while those with slower arm speeds will see great results from flat level throws."

Back on Links #4 I took my putting stance, twisting my feet securely into the snow, trying to get a level position, then flew the putter past the pin, picked up and took my three. No birdie for me.

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