Thursday, July 7, 2016

Skulls 2016 Summer Club Fundraiser Discs Have Arrived

Attention Skulls Brothers: Our 2016 Summer Club Fundraiser Discs Have Arrived! A list of all discs, including color and weight, as well as prices and other terms has been pinned to the facebook page (Files Menu). Please message me if you would like to know more or to purchase discs. All proceeds go to support Skulls Disc Golf Brotherhood!

Note: a few discs have been reserved with a right of first refusal because of their specific attributes. You'll find that information in the Status column of the spreadsheet. Obviously Bill has a problem with Purple and DG Mark with Red/Black...I know you understand.

Molds:        Verdict, Compass, Ballista, Defender, Harp
Plastic:       VIP/Opto/Lucid
Stamp:        Adrian's skull Inside an eagle made of chains
Cost: Quantity Price Price Per Disc

1 $18 $18

2 $30 $15

3 $42 $14

4 $52 $13

5 $60 $12

I know these will lower your scores, especially if you purchase more than one...

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