Thursday, August 18, 2016

flicdisc Opening A Local Disc Golf Library Called pickdisc

flicdisc is proud to announce the opening of a local disc golf library called pickdisc. The full URL is

One can think of pickdisc as a local library (like for books) where you can exchange or purchase used discs. Initially, I've put over 100 discs into the library and want to add to it. I'll explain more about how it will work later.

The goal: is to give these sweet babies a chance to fly. To put them in hands that will throw them. Currently, they only sit on a shelf. Sad...

Who is eligible to use the library: Chicagoland disc golfers who participate in Skulls League events, frequent iOS Series events, or who often play Wheeler, Jericho, Oswego, or Batavia and can meet me to exchange discs.

Please play with the site. Use the search box to narrow the selection by typing: Color, Manufacturer, Mold, Plastic, Type (distance, mid, putter, fairway), and Weight.

If you find something you want to throw, let me know. We'll work out an exchange, where you put another disc into the library, or you can buy the disc for a reasonable price.

Cash collected from the sale or exchange of discs will be put towards acquiring good used inventory to maintain the library. Let me know your thoughts. best with firefox browser, but chrome is ok. Let me know your thoughts.

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