Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017 Skulls Gods Are Happy League - Week 1

Today was the first Sunday of six league events throughout the winter. Below you'll find the results as well as an accounting of expected payouts. Unofficial scores and round ratings have been posted to the PDGA website.

Great shooting to everyone! Skulls Ratings have also been updated.

Thanks to everyone who participated. If you haven't received a Skulls towel, you can make arrangements with me. The next round is scheduled for Sunday February 26th at Jericho.

Please contact me at or on facebook if you have questions.

Pool Fees ($1.58*6) $9.48
Players 25
Pool $237.00

Percent Payout
1st 0.47 $111.39
2nd 0.30 $71.10
3rd 0.23 $54.51

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