Saturday, March 4, 2017

Crosstown Pub to Host Post-Main St Mandatory Festivities

2017 Main St Mandatory is proud to announce that Crosstown Pub & Grill Batavia has agreed to host all players following the tournament. Crosstown is a great atmosphere for players to unwind and have beer, drinks, and food while tournament volunteers calculate the scores and raffle off prizes. Below is the player announcement with further details.

Post Tournament-play:
The awards ceremony may be held offsite, immediately following tournament play. All players are invited to Crosstown Pub at 1890 Mill St, Batavia, IL where we will hold an awards ceremony and prize raffle. Players will be able to order food and drinks at their own expense. All players will be entered into the raffle automatically.

***Important note - At least one player from each second round card must turn in the scorecard at Crosstown Pub following the round.***

For full tournament details, please click here. Please contact me at with any questions.

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