Sunday, August 6, 2017

Skulls "nestle!" League Week 3 Results

Sunday August 6th was the third of six league events throughout the late summer. Below you'll find the results as well as an accounting of expected payouts. Unofficial scores and round ratings have been posted to the PDGA website.

Great shooting to everyone. Nobody hit an ace, so the pot rolls to next week. Skulls Ratings have been updated. I've started to drop everyone's two worst rounds in the standings below.

We've updated the date of the Championship Round to Sunday September 17th, as not to conflict with the Marengo IOS event on the 10th. Also, we will adjust the final league payouts to include a 4th place, now that we have 25 participants. You can review these changes here.

Next Sunday we are off. August 20th, will be at Dellwood in Lockport, with check-in beginning at 8:30. I hope to have our league swag ready to distribute then.

Please contact me at or on facebook if you have questions.

Pool Fees ($1.58*6) $9.48
Players 25
Pool $237.00

Percent Payout
1st 0.41 $97.17
2nd 0.26 $61.62
3rd 0.19 $45.03
4th 0.14 $33.18

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