Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DG Ideas: Hey Blind Ace, I want to know before I throw

I'm blind at most courses; having played near my home for most rounds. Venturing to a new course only for tournaments or occasionally breaking-away on a family vacation, a lack of course familiarity has a negative impact on my scorecard. I'm putting it at 100 points off my average round rating.

Making an educated guess here, but the guys at must have identified this problem long before me. And their web interface for viewing detailed images of disc golf courses is a great idea. (1) Select a course, (2) then click on a hole, and (3) watch as you walk through the course. Absorb the shot lines. Make note of your game plan. It will be up to me to stick to the plan, as the best players advise.

I do want to know before I throw. This coming April I'm hoping to direct the Main St Mandatory in Batavia, IL. At a course built in 2013, West Main Park DGC, its designers left difficult tree stands forcing indirect approach lines, careful placement and forethought. I need everyone to see this course before the event. Again, someone's thought of this problem before me. Thankfully.

When I reached out to they welcomed the concept that I might login and upload high quality images from Batavia and other courses in the Chicago area. In time, they'll adopt prop drone videos in addition to the sequenced photos. Automated slide shows, virtually animating the course could be a nice affect too.

I found on Twitter @BlindAceDG.

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