Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ho ho here's a mold I know you huck

Money has literally moved at the speed of light from my direct deposit pay check, to an online merchant conveniently delivering boxes of molded plastic that eventually, after presents get torn into, socks and stuffed animals tossed aside, end up piled up on my son's bedroom floor. Or worse, the kitchen table, counter, under the chairs, on the stairs. You know the ones...everything is awesome. So why should significantly more important (or just older) plastic obsessed people, not trade gifts for the holidays?

I may not make it happen by Christmas, but I'm not going to forget my regular DG group this year. I know what they need. Here's my list for Santa:

1 soft Swan
An R-pro Aviar
Could use a refresh on a Magic (Blackhawks dye please)
A Bolt that will fly under any ceiling
5 Jesper Pures as stocking stuffers
1 Champion Mamba
2 VIP Kings
A Buzz
4 Jokeris in that new plastic
Soft Ion

Oh, and I could use a new Flick.

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