Tuesday, February 3, 2015

MVP Announces Holographic Silver Stamp For Plasma Plastic First Run

In a winter release scheduled for February 13, 2015, disc golf equipment manufacturer MVP Disc Sports plans to introduce Plasma, a new plastic blend. Initially, MVP will produce a first run of Ion Putt and Approach discs featuring the Plasma flight plate, and a holographic silver foil stamp to commemorate the release.

MVP's website describes Plasma as having, "A stunning metallic sheen, even color-shifting in select color options. The grip is a semi-gummy blend in between our Soft and standard firmness for Neutron plastic." They go on to say, "We are able to dial in the balance of flat or domed flight plates, lending extra glide to driver and midrange models, while preserving a typical flat plate on putters like the Ion."

flicdisc predicts this blend will perform well in all weather conditions, particularly in colder seasons, and provides a gummy grip and feel. The Plastics Table has been updated accordingly.

For more information, view mvpdiscsports.com.

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