Saturday, January 31, 2015

Knoch Knoch Knolls, Who's There?

The following details the newly redesigned 18 hole disc golf course Knoch Knolls DGC in Naperville, Illinois. Please note that most online resources do not reflect the changes made to the course design as of the time of this article.

Tucked between the DuPage River and Naperville's Knoch Knolls Nature Center, the newly converted 18 hole disc golf course (from 9 holes) covers low lying flood plains, and plays nicely though wooded river hills. Once above the valley, meandering grasslands compliment the surroundings and adds length to certain holes. This course is excellent for a Par-2 or Birdie Bash-type tournament. Bill Coffey Jr (54797), the venerable Grandmaster described Knoch Knolls as, "A better Jericho," referring to Jericho Lake DGC in Aurora, Ilinois.

The first four holes provide a progressively lengthening warm-up, as distances to the pin increase from 200 ft to 310 ft with open hyzer lines for right handed players. Good placement shots are required for birdies. Trees and overshooting the target, are its main risks with the river looming ominously behind baskets three and four. Hole five provides an interesting shot selection for players, as the obvious anhyzer uphill approach might prove to be worse than simply attacking the trees, and finding a low hyzer route to the basket. You'll just have to trust me on that one. Pretend like it's 200 ft to the pin.

After playing out of the woods, holes begin to get longer and more open above the ridge line. Full throttle drives into grassy fields leads to short approach puts for birdie. With distances ranging from 345 to 396 ft, the middle half of the course tests wind control and shot selection, as tree and brush stands continue to force players to pick a line and commit to the shot. One tee pad, clearly a last minute design change, has players faked-out as it directs them to a big hyzer when a straight or anhyzer drive is the clear downhill path.

In the final four holes, the course once again attacks the wooded section of the property, traversing into and out of defined sections of trees. Basket and tee placements are interesting and diverse, as each of these last holes has a different look despite having relatively similar distances. Right, Left, High to low, Low to high. It's covering all the bases here. Before each throw into the trees, check your line again for branches you didn't see the first time.

One last note: baskets are older with lighter chain gauge. Going hard at the pole may result in a surprising splash-out, as it did to me from 10 ft. Ah well, one shot never killed an enjoyable day on the course.

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