Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Daredevil Discs Contributes Entire Disc Lineup to 2015 Main St Mandatory Tournament Prizes

flicdisc would like to thank Daredevil Discs for their generous support for the 2015 Main St Mandatory disc golf tournament in Batavia, IL on April 19th.

Today flicdisc received Daredevil's contribution, to be included in our tournament player packs and prizes. And we couldn't be happier. They've provided us with their entire disc lineup (detailed below), to be awarded to amateur division winners. In addition, all players will receive $5 in their player pack, for use at daredevildiscs.com.

Here are some of the items up for grabs (click the links to view disc descriptions):
Stable to Understable Drivers
Yeti Maximum Distance Driver Flex Performance 169g
Big Foot Maximum Distance Driver Grip Performance 154g
Sasquach Maximum Distance Driver High Performance 167g

Overstable Drivers
Fairway Drivers
Swift Fox Driver First Run 153g
Wolverine Driver First Run 173g
Timberwolf Driver First Run 173g

Approach Discs
Caribou Mid-Range First Run 160g
Grizzly Mid-Range First Run 177g
Moose Mid-Range First Run 164

Woodchuck Soft Putter First Run 168
Beaver Putter First Run 176

Black Daredevil Logo Trucker Hat
White Daredevil Wristband
Black Daredevil Wristband

Registration is open for the 2015 Main St Mandatory at discgolfscene.com.

Event schedule and details can be found at 2015 Main St Mandatory. Email all inquiries to flicdisc@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @flicdisc.

Tournament information can also be found at pdga.com and dgcoursereview.com.

For more information on Daredevil Discs or to shop online, visit daredevildiscs.com.

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