Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review: Gateway Test Fly Series Sabre

Next up in our Gateway Test Fly Series is the control driver Sabre. We tested the Sabre in S-series 'Shur-grip' plastic and it weighed-in at 174g.

"The Sabre is a relatively straight flying fairway driver by Gateway. This disc offers a mild degree of high speed turn followed by a minimal end of flight fade. The Sabre makes a great golf disc for beginners, especially when purchased in light weights," describes Infinite Discs.

The disc we received for this test is rigid with almost no flex. Think of a new hard Wizard, and you'll understand the plastic. Although we haven't thrown the disc enough throughout the winter to provide seasoning, one can imagine the Sabre will fly better over time.

In our test, Sabre was used by one of longest throwing local players; usually preferring over-over stable discs. In retrospect, the Sabre wasn't as precisely matched with arm speed in this test as one would like to see. In response to the Sabre's flight, the feedback we received indicated Sabre's very deep rim was difficult to grip. This may be exacerbated by it's domey flight plate, making the fingers sense different pressure points than expected. "It flies okay," he said. "I just couldn't keep a good grip on it because of it's deep rim."

Other information indicates the disc flies exactly as intended. Straight with little finish at lower speeds. Into the wind or at higher arm speeds, the Sabre will turnover and finish slightly anhyzer. And it proved to honor it's numbers 8,5,-1,1.

For more information on these disc or other Gateway products, view gdstour.com.

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