Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gateway's Recreational Flying Discs Make For Happy Surprise

There's nothing better than opening the mailbox to find discs unexpectedly. You can be having the worst day, perhaps too cold or windy to play a round of disc golf, or maybe the spring snow won't melt, and just one glimpse of new plastic will lift your spirits. Today was that day for me.

So what was in the package?

Attached to a letter from Kyle Whitaker, Account Manager and Sales Representative from Gateway Disc Sports, were two new recreational molds meant for dog-play or as catch discs: The Big Dog and Lil' Wizard. I'll let the picture describe their design and will follow-up later with some details about their flight characteristics.

Thank you Kyle and Gateway. These are going to be fun!

For more information on these disc or other Gateway products, view

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