Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 Main St Mandatory Update and Payout Projections

Dear Registered Players of 2015 Main St Mandatory,

Today with one month left until April 19, we had our 51st player register for the tournament.  Given the tournament capacity is 90 players, we are hoping you will help us pre-register the final 39 players over the next two weeks.  As many of you know, tournament directors are always better-off when players pre-register.  This allows us to complete orders for player pack items and prepare prize packs in advance, and results in greater payouts.

We are expecting the event will be full by the close of registration on April 12th, but we'd like to accelerate registrations and make sure we can account for payouts prior to the event.

Due to the great support we've gotten from our sponsors:

Penrose Brewing Company,
Daredevil Discs,
Dynamic Discs,
Paragon Disc Golf,
FreshGround Roasting,
and Innova Discs,'s how the projected payouts stand currently:

2015 Main St Mandatory Payout Projections
Current Projected Payout (Cash+Prizes+Player Packs) $1,781
Current Collected Player Fees $980
Total Payout % 182%
Full Projected Payout (Cash+Prizes+Player Packs) $2,658
Full Collected Player Fees $1,770
Total Payout % 150%

What you can do:
1.) Talk your regular playing partners about the tournament and send them the attached poster

2.) Let them know they can pre-register at

3.) Direct them to to contact us or review tournament details.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday April 19th at West Main Park in Batavia, IL.  Check-in begins at 8:00am.

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