Thursday, March 24, 2016

2016 Main St Mandatory Initial Payout Projections

With only one player spot remaining open for the 2016 Main St Mandatory, Sunday April 10th at West Main Park in Batavia, IL, and due to the great support we've gotten from our sponsors:'s how the projected payouts stand currently*:

*Players should note that the payout totals will increase for both Pro and Amateur Divisions once the value of the Sponsor donated prizes are included, as well as the value of our host Sponsor's (Penrose) award/beer ceremony.

Total Pro Cash Purse Paid Out $317
Pro Trophies $43
Other Pro Prizes $ (CTPs etc) $30

Total Pro Value $390
% of Pro Net Player Fees 101%

Am/Jr Prizes + Trophies $1,476
Am/Jr Player Packs $1,890
Other Am/Jr Prizes $ (CTPs etc) $30

Total Am Value $3,396
% of Am Net Player Fees 108%

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