Monday, December 15, 2014

Plastic blends

I wanted to track of all the plastic blends that major disc manufactures have introduced. A goal could be to produce a revised market-wide flight chart. One that takes into account mold, weight, and material. It's a process I'll build on with specification descriptions and advertised attributes.

A quick note before we take an inventory. Air temperature seems to be the affect du jour. Targeting stiffness relative to climate, as players hit the course year round, shows another way the sport continues to evolve. Led by Discraft's FLX and Innova's GStar lines, other manufacturers have introduced similar concepts late in 2014, making for an interesting fireworks display of new product to consider.

Click to view the full Plastics Table. I've included a permanent page in the upper menu.

Last updated 02-21-15  Recent additions include: Discraft Ti FLX, Dynamic Discs Lava.

Please comment with any details I've missed. I'm interested in your opinions regarding the various blends. Listed alphabetically by manufacturer, excluding tie-dye and signature variations, the table contains the following observations:

Disc Plastic Blend Brands
Main Attribute Recognizable Comparison
Manufacturer Blend Brand Economic High Performance All Weather Light Weight High Durability DX Pro Champion Star Gstar Lite/Blizzard Recycled Grippy

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