Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review: Latitude 64 Pure 170g

I'll jump right to the punchline; the Pure changed my putting forever. No more will I try to slide the disc into the right side of the chains (RHBH). I'm going just above the pole, and straight in. Hard. Like JohnE McCray is thought to have said, I believe the chains will stop my disc.

This 170 gram pink rainbow stamped sweet thing came to me as part of mystery box from Dynamic Discs. Packaged along with a 2014 Trilogy Shield, I've been converted to the low-profile flight plate and soft plastic. In my hand those two features combine to produce a grippy and flat release with long and straight glide. I can get the disc parallel to the ground in my slow and steady take-back, pulling towards my navel, and push it straight to the target with an upward release. I feel confident, until that brief uncertainty takes over for the few milliseconds after it leaves my hand. For most throws inside 22 feet, my confidence returns as my eyes process the flight path and the chains catch a splash of pink plastic; really shows off my pizazz. 4 under 50 for this round didn't win me the top spot, but I do like the direction I'm heading.

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