Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Legacy Discs Reveals Four New Prototype Molds

Over social media, today San Fernando, California based disc golf manufacturer Legacy Discs released an image displaying four prototype discs, partially stacked one on top of another. Revealing only their code names, potentially future product brands, the company left us longing for more information about the new designs and available plastics.

Hunter, Prowler, Nemesis, and Enemy all appear to be distance or fairway drivers. Although, the light reflecting off of the rims of Hunter and Prowler leaves one to consider if they could be slower speed mid-range or approach drivers.

In a cliffhanger, Legacy provided the following message, "Keep your eyes open for more information coming soon!" flicdisc did not try to reach Legacy for comment, and will do as instructed. Keeping our eyes open.

More on Legacy Discs:

According to infinitediscs.com Legacy had the 4th best selling disc, The Outlaw, in the fourth quarter of 2014. The Outlaw was also the top selling distance driver over the same period. Infinite also concluded in their 2014 year-end research, titled State of Disc Golf 2015 and released December 5th 2014 with a series of follow-up articles, that Legacy was the second most popular disc manufacturer in California and Nevada, topping many other national brands in that area.

Legacy was co-founded by Steven Rico (4666), currently ranked 7th in the world by the PDGA, after falling from a 4th place ranking previously.

For more information, view legacydiscs.com.

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