Saturday, January 24, 2015

Taiwan Tournament Had Surprising Amount of Four Digit PDGA Numbers

Kaohiung, Taiwan hosted the 2015 Asian Open January 17th and 18th. A Tier-B PDGA tournament, the Asian Open had seventy players with twenty-eight having player numbers below 10000. A surprising distribution. I'd like to know how all those players got registered in order, and what has kept them playing together over time. At present, its another reminder that this sport is a global initiative.

Competition in the Open and Women's division was tight, with only one throw separating the winners from second place. Manabu Kajiyama (8139) from Fukuoka, Japan unofficially threw 1025 disc golf over three rounds and two shortened cut-down rounds to win the event over Whittier, California's Bobby Musick (15911). Kajiyama ended up -18 for the tournament. Yaki Fukuhara (8200) from Komaki, Japan bested Taiwan's own and spry newcomer Chia-fan Chen (43610) by one shot to win the Women's.

In a rather large field of Grandmasters, including Jeff Kennedy (1447) from Las Vegas, Nevada; Kazuo Shirai (6075) from Tokyo out shot Tochigi, Japan's Atsuhito Kawasaki (6671) by three strokes, finishing -6.

Here are some of the player numbers below 10000 from the 2015 Asian Open:

Name PDGA# Name PDGA#
Jeff Kennedy 1447 Mac Hsiao 8710
Hiroshi Yokota 3614 Jen Tong Chen 8712
Kazuo Shirai 6075 Gou Gi Lu 8713
Mark Molnar 6409 Shyi Jou Tseng 8714
Atsuhito Kawasaki 6671 Hung Jun Lin 8715
Yasuo Sakurai 8105 Shin Zou Chen 8716
Eiji Kaneko 8130 Bee Fa Chen 8717
Manabu Kajiyama 8139 Chi Chin Wang 8718
Kazuhiko Gomibuchi 8190 Song Hwa Huang 8719
Yuki Fukuhara 8200 Richard Tang 8720
Stanny Lee 8702 Kang Hsung Chen 8721
Vincent Chang 8703 Michael Hu 8723
Song Lin Teng 8704 Chia Kou Fan 8732
Robert Lu 8709 Randy Yu 8738

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