Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The LDGA Cup challenge has been called - Batavia Sunday March 20th 9:00AM

The LDGA Cup challenge has been called. Previous winners have no choice, but to defend the Cup. It's a burden you must face.

Signup by accepting the LDGA facebook event. Match-play rules can be viewed at LDGA Cup Format.

The winning team will drink from the Cup. And laugh at the losers.

The Final Rosters. Please arrive at West Main Park and check-in with your team before 8:45 tomorrow morning. Lineup and scorecards will be finalized just prior to start. Since we are playing only one round, it will be the "Singles" match play (used in the second of two rounds normally).

What does "Singles" mean?: In "singles" -- the final session of the LDGA Cup -- there are 11, separate, one-on-one matches contested with one player squaring off against one player from the same group and compete in throw play. Two matches are assigned to each player group (or “foursome”). Each player plays his own disc(s) for the entire hole. At the end of the session the lowest score in each match wins one (1) point. Twelve (11) points total are awarded for Singles session. Team with the most points will drink from the Cup. A team tie will be broken with a sudden death playoff starting on hole 1, 2, and 19, and repeating until a winner is crowned.

...good luck to all.

Team 1
Koehn Christopher (Tag #2)
Michael Joseph
Vince Remmers
Mark Jendrzejczyk
Michael Wildner
David Reed
Mark DG Zalce
Adrian Negrete
Jim Davis
JC Marin
Fenske Chris

Team 2
Sarikki K. Forgwe (Tag #3)
Danny Beauchamp
Vince Palumbo
Brad Johnson
Rick Walter
Joshua Turyna
William Coffey Jr.
Chris Enockson
Dan Schnitter
Matt Schl├╝ter
Shane Newton

Results & Cumulative Cup Stats:


  1. Actually Had A Par On 17 Dave. My Score Should Have Been 60, Not 61

  2. Why does it say koehn won two cups?

  3. Why does it say koehn won two cups?