Sunday, June 19, 2016

2016 Skulls Summer League - Round 3

Today was the third Sunday of six league events throughout the Summer. Below you'll find the results as well as an accounting of league dues and estimated payouts. Unofficial scores and round ratings have been posted to the PDGA website.

Next Sunday is Oswego June 26th.

I want to give a special THANK YOU!!! to Vince Remmers for the Gumby dyed Jokeris. Those discs are headed right into the bag. Also, everyone should check out the pic of the disc Chris Fenske contributed to the Disc Pool. One hell of a Skulls Dye Max Scythe. I'd be surprised if it's not selected by the league champion.

Per Round Total
Dues $3.33 $280


PDGA/Admin $0.75 $63
Payout $1.58 $133
Food $1.00 $84

Estimated Payout

First Place $62.44
Second Place $39.86
Third Place $30.56

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