Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review: Gateway Test Fly Series Samurai

Next up in our Gateway Test Fly Series is the high-speed distance driver Samurai. We tested the Samurai in S-series 'Shur-grip' plastic and weighed-in at 170g. says the Samurai is the, "Best choice for: Sidearms, Rollers and Tomahawk throws."  They go on to quote Gateway as saying, "'The Samurai is a really fast long range driver that is easy to control. Its sleek low profile and slight dome will produce extremely long flights; while its bead on the wing adds to the control needed when thrown very hard. This disc has just the right stability to be very useful for both new players and pros. The Samurai can be a good headwind disc for those with 300 distance and a long turnover driver or for those with more power.'"

After throwing the Samurai on a 20-30 mph windy day, I can confirm the above description is accurate. Out of the box, and even into the wind or with a cross-wind the Samurai didn't exhibit much of a high-speed turnover. I believe in time it would with proper attention. With a thin flight plate, medium rim, and dome shaped top the disc delivers on comfort and ease of use. Even with my moderate to slow arm speed, I was able to get the disc to perform generally as expected. I would struggle with weights above 171g, but 170g and below could go right into my bag and produce clean straight drives to hyzer lines into the wind. Downwind, I might choose to use the Samurai for backhand or placement shots.

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